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Registered Member
Hello to everybody!
I'm Paula, from Spain. I have registrer here because it could be interesting to debate in English with all of you, and also to practice my English.
I'm interesed in meeting new people from here too :D
Besos, Paula.


Embrace the Suck
Bienvenidos, Paula, hope you like it here and stick around.


Where is my Queen?
Hi Paula, you are already making a lot of great posts. Keep it up. What part of Spain are you from?


No Custom Title Exists
Hello :)

Welcome to General Forum. What are your hobbies?


Creeping On You
Welcome here Paula! It's always nice to have members from a new place. We have a few other members who came to the forums to improve their english, and they learned a lot, so I'm sure you will too. If ever you need help understanding us if we use strange slang or something, never hesitate to ask, we're quite friendly here.

I hope you enjoy your time here on the forum!


Registered Member
Welcome to the forum! :D Like Smel said, if you have any probs with English slang just ask. :)


Welcome Paula! I respect your opinions on bullfighting, it's good to see someone from Spain who is as apposed to it as many of us are. Welcome to the forum!


Sally Twit
Hi and welcome to the forum.

Cool avatar. Pulp Fiction is a great film.

Enjoy your time here!