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Hola... Bienvenido... SALUTATIONS!


Registered Member
Hi Iggy, Surfer, Andrew, Angel.... all the rest of you who I used to know so well!
For the rest of you..hello and allow me to re-introduce myself. I'm Ares aka Mysterious_Lil_Miss. Used to live here...ummm... post here alot. Ya, that's it...I have a real home too. I love to sell wacky and wonderful things on eBay and have a fantastic time doing it. Love the whole thing! My fave hobby even if I do lose my azz doing it. Hey a girls gotta have a lil bit of fun doesn't she? I guess I'll hang here in my old stomping grounds a lil bit more... I miss it. Can't wait to meet all you new people! (yes I did come in as Mysterious_lil_miss a few weeks ago, but it wasn't as fun. Besides I can't remember the password! ahahahahaha)


Wanna play?
Hmmmmm...the name sounds familiar...1_Ares_1 ya say??? Now where have I heard that name before...*scratches head*....;)
Good to see ya back!


Registered Member
Hiya ... nuestra casa es su casa .... como siempre

I didn't have the privilege of meeting you before. I've just been hanging around the last couple of months ... just made my 200th post! Yippee!!!!!

Post us a link to an auction of yours every once in a while if you can. I always like to check out members' auctions :D
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