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    Well seeing as this is the introduction page for newbies, here we go!! I am Lou from Derbyshire but living in Hampshire. I will be moving back to Derby soon as I have just split with my long term partner and hate it here anyway. I am a bit of a loony bin to say I'm nearly 23 and I always dig myself very large holes i struggle to climb out of!!

    Below please find 25 facts about me!! Happy reading and I hope I've introduced me myself and I well!!

    1: I hate toilet rolls where the paper hangs underneath. I have to change it so the paper hangs off the top before I can use it.

    2: My very guilty pleasure is buttered crumpets with cheese on! Yum!

    3: My favourite job was working for American Adventure Theme Park – shit money, shit hours, shit uniform but had the best time there!!!! I had to wear bright blue trousers with a bright yellow shirt!! Pure sexyness.

    4: I have a sever dislike to dishwashers and refuse to use them.

    5: I have died (2mins 46 secs) due to an electric shock on a Christmas tree.

    6: My favorite foods are Tuna, courgettes, red peppers, mince beef and crumpets.

    7: I have never left the UK (unless you count the Isle of Weight lol!)

    8: When I was younger I used to collect those Spice Girl photos and I believe at one point my parents feared for my sanity - I was obsessed!!

    9: Most of my clothes and handbags are in Black, Red, Orange and Brown – I’m a very autumnal person.

    10: I love ironing, and find it very relaxing.

    11: I have a bad habit of using my mobile to go on facebook regardless of where I am or what I am doing.

    12: I regret ever leaving Derby – I miss it soooooo much.

    13: I say the words “loser” and “ghey” way too much, in reference to anything regardless of what I mean when I say it.

    14: I wrote a poem in Year 8 English which was used and published in a book.

    15: I am due to study an 18 month course in Business Management and I am hoping to do a personal course in Fashion Photography.

    16: I moan a lot that I never win anything on the lottery… but never actually buy a ticket!!!

    17: I have a personal interest in Human Achievement, Psychology of personal space (proxemics) and Human Instinct.

    18: My favorite alcohol naughties is Malibu and Coke, Disserano and Coke, and Mint Baileys :)

    19: When I was 5 I had an operation which involved my eyes being removed from their sockets. I have terrible eyesight but never wear my glasses (only my contacts) when raving – most of my mates who I club with don’t even know I wear them!!

    20: I buy way too many accessories for my wardrobe- bags, shoes, jewelry, belt etc

    21: I always have at least one of my nipples permanently “to attention”. Quite annoying in tight tops/dresses…..!!

    22: I was quite quiet and reserved all through school! Yes you heard… a QUIET child!!!

    23: I never wear make-up to work or during the day (unless something important is happening) – I much prefer to go au natural and save it til the wkend :)

    24: I always swap the belt for a larger size on trousers in which the belt comes with.

    25: If I am having a rather long poo I do find myself talking to myself – such as work things or my gym schedule – it helps me remember!!

  2. Jeanie

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    Best. Intro thread. EVAR.

    marry me.
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    I was about to post the link in LC.

    Welcome to the forum Loops.
  4. Nibbles

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    Best informative intro so far. I too am studing a Business Management course, so ask when you get stuck. Welcome to GF Loopy!
  5. Nixola

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    That's alot of information to take in all at once.

  6. Rebeccaaa

    Rebeccaaa yellow 4!

    lol, Iris is gunna ha.......

    ...love you!

    Nice intro thread, I like reading random facts about people!
  7. AnitaKnapp

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    Haha, but I was going to pick #25 for the love you comment.
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  8. Jeanie

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    Yeah, i just texted her about it. lol.
  9. ysabel

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    Iris will love you.

    Great introduction. And wow, you love ironing? :lol:

    I already welcomed you in your airport clothes thread, so just a hi again here, in the appropriate thread.
  10. Major

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    Copied from Facebook? Welcome to GF.

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