HOI! :)


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Ello, my name is Ryan. I'm 17, live in the UK and I attend College, I'm in my 2nd year before I go off to Uni (or have a gap year). I work for a large retail company, most UK members will have heard of it, especially the girls. I'm on GF because I like going on forums, and the forum I used to go on has just outgrown me. It was full of 15-16 year olds who bragged about how many girls they have had sex with. A typical UK forum if you ask me. :p

I plan to stick around for quite a while, since the forum seems quite small but judging from threads I've read, everyone is really friendly. So hi!


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Welcome to the forums my dear friend, this is a place where it's growing everyday, and it's only going to become bigger and bigger, so stick aroud and I promise you won't regret for joining this wonderful forum.


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Welcome man. Good to have you here.

So what are some of your hobbies/interests? Favorite movies/music etc?


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Have you noticed that there seems to be a huge boom in UK members lately? I think American GF members might be outnumbered here soon.
That happened as soon as I joined. I am that powerful.

Welcome to GF, Ryan. It's like Pringles - once you pop (post) you can't stop.


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I found the forum via Google actually, and Americans are fun to talk to anyway. I dont have many fav movies, but I like TV shows like Fringe, Spooks (It's called 'MI5' over in the US) and Chuck is pretty awesome too. My hobbies are forum browsing/posting, social networking and experiencing new things! I have interests in computing as well as retail management. :)

Oh and I love nearly every single song ever created, I LURRRRV music. My Last.FM (Username: pyrokax) is a good example of that. Oh wow I never expected such a nice greeting either. Cheers everyone. ^_^


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hi,.little boy....
waoooooooo...welcome ..
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