Hogan or Flair?

Who is better?

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Vote on who's better....Flair or Hogan? We are having a good discussion on another board im on about this very subject.

Please vote and then give a reason on why you think the way that you do.


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I think Hogan is the better one out of the two. I know some people will say that Vince made Hogan, if it wasn't for Vince then Hogan would be nothing. I totally disagree with that. Vince might of promoted him a lot, but he's the one who carried it and put on a hell of a show in the ring. He knew how to get the crowds reaction, he was great on the microphone and he could cut a great promo. He was fairly good in the ring as well, not the best, but I wouldn't consider him a bad wrestler.

I know his finishing move is pretty lame, and he should of had something else other then the Leg Drop. But he was strong, he was pretty quick for his size, and in my opinion, if you take everything into consideration, he's better then Ric Flair.

Now don't get me wrong Flair was an amazing wrestler, he was great on the microphone as well, and he as well could do a great promo when asked upon. But like I mentioned before, if you compare both wrestlers from point A to Point Z Hogan is the better between the two in my opinion.


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Ric Flair has and always been the consumate wrestling professional, doing whatever it is needed of him to do, whether it is in the ring, on the mic, or behind the scenes. More than I can say about Hogan.

As for Hogan, he's a spotlight-hogging, money-hungry jerk. From the contract stipulations stating that he does not have to lose to anyone if he doesn't want to, to sneaking behind Macho Man's back with the late Miss Elizabeth, among a gang of other things that I do not even know about, it seems to me kinda like Hogan forgot what the term "job" means. Wrestling IS your job!

And Ric Flair has done his "job" unlike anyone else in the history of wrestling. And what's even better, instead of burying a bunch of wrestlers, he's assisted in numerous up-and-coming wrestlers giving a much-needed push in their own characters.

Ric Flair could wrestle circles around Hogan and he wouldnt have a chance to keep up. Even if we take out all the crap OUTSIDE the ring, Hogan still isnt as good as Flair. Hogan is a egomaniac who doesnt put people over, refuses to job and only comes back for the money. Ric stayed in wrestling as long as he did to put people over and to enjoy his final years becuase he enjoys being a wrestler. Im not sure Hogan really cares about anybody but himself
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money-hungry jerk.
And he appeared on RAW not to long ago cuz he needed money.. the week or so after his wife filed for Divorce LOL.. around december-november.

Hogan is a egomaniac
and during that match he goes "i think Hulkamania is still around" LOL we're 2008 u idiot..

i still vote the Hulk, He launched professional wrestling into the American mainstream, being the "working class American hero"


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Hogan should never be in the same category as Flair. Flair had the passion for the company, and he would wrestle for any amount of money. Hogan is just an overrated superstar the Vince promoted the hell out of. Vince could of done that for any wrestler, unfortunaly Hogan was the one that he picked. Hogan sucked, pure and simple. Once again I will give Hogan where credit is due, he had more charisma than Flair, but charisma will only get you so far in my eyes. Jim Cornette said it best, "Hogan, is a household name, so is garbage and that's all I have to say about that."


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Kind of suprised not too many debating going on here. I'll pick Flair any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Screw Hogan.