Hockey's Greatest Rivals


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Aside from the vasy differences in styles through the old and the new NHL we have to admit that most rivals are still at each others throats. But there are more besides the usual few in the NHL we hear about. Everybody knows the basic NHL rival teams dating back to the early days of the "Orginal six" where the Leafs and Habs started what has become arguably hockey's biggest rivalry right? Well what about some ones that we don't often consider like in international hockey. We see the best from each nation rarly anymore but when we do sparks fly and tempers erupt and the result is good hockey. In this thread please post as many of the best rivals in hockey as you can as well as give reasons to support why you believe that it is one of if not the best rivals in the game of hockey.

Toronto vs Montreal - Were all sucks for old school lets face it. These two teams put hockey on the map in Canada and most places in the world and if it was not for their feuds in the 30s , 40s , 50s and right up until today I don't think that either of these teams would be as loved or hated. Whether you love or hate either or of these teams You have to admit that they really developed into one of the best rival games to ever see and everytime these teams play it is sure to be the hottest game no matter who else is playing.

Canada vs Russia - If we were talking about the World Juniors in specific we could talk about the utter dominance by these teams for the last few years. Both of these teams know each other inside and outside and they produce some of the best international games as a result. Even in the NHL we see some of this rivalry with the Ovechkin vs Crosby who's better deal. This dates back into the early days of hockey as well when the Russians stole the show and beat Canada and their own game when nobody thought it could be done. Who knows what lies in the future for these teams but we have to give props for what has gone down and what we can expect to see from these teams in the years to come.

Ovechkin vs Crosby - Stating it a second ago I could not skip over this one. This is basically a battle of two players each of which are a couple of the best the sport has ever seen and the two are dueling it out to see who truly is better. But the question is who really is better? We all have our choices and our reasons but we have to admit that we had to be a little excited the first time we saw these players against one another and that rivalry so to speak can only grow between the two when the NHL officially becomes their league.

Islanders vs Rangers - The Rangers were along way before the days of the Isles and they were on top of the world. They had a huge market but then the Isles were born and poof the fans got a big treat. A big rivalry for us to watch. The simple battle of territory. The battle to see which team really has the better team from New York and despite both of the teams have their ups and downs they continue to pull it together and have some exciting games that treat the fans big time. The best days of this rivalry are now gone but oh well we still have no shortage of games between the two and the rivalry will not die as long as the other is in town.

Colorado vs Detroit - The classic battle of so many playoffs in the past. This really all started when these teams met so much in the playoffs and they produced some high quality games. Games that a real fan back then loved. Goals , Fights , Big hits and exciting plays made by excellent play makers. This rivalry has dimmed down a little over the years but tempers can still fly between the teams and whenever you see a game between these two on a calender you can't help but smile and think of the good ol days with Patrick Roy and Chris Osgood going at it like there was no tomorrow.

Dallas and Edmonton - This might come as a bit of a shock to some people but really nobody can forget how many times these two teams kicked off the postseason with their classic series. Game after game the teams came out and gave it their all and they have produced some good games and I personally hope that I have not seen the end of these two teams and their series because of the intensity between the teams that we always see and how its always so fun to watch.

Leafs vs Sens - Much like the Isles and Rangers this is a battle for Provincial bragging rights. The Ottawa franchise in the very early days of hockey in Canada were the team to beat and the Toronto teams were not so much the team to beat. When the Ottawa team was lost and the Leafs went on to cup after cup it built alot of conflict between the two cities and now that both teams are back in the NHL we can't help but say Damn that was a good game or hey did you see that goal whenever the sens and leafs play. One of the best rivalrys there is in the NHL.

Canada vs USA - Did anybody miss the 2002 Olympics? That was certinly a high point for Team Canada but the fact that it was their first gold in so long and that the Americans seemed to have Canada's number a little built up the rage for the Canadians which they used on the ice. Whenever these two teams play were sure to have the better part of two nations sitting in front of a TV watching the game. Why we can't answer but its just something about facing a nation that you think you need to be better than at everything that brings us all together is it not?

Those are some of the biggest ones that stand out in my mind. I might be relativly new to hockey but I know for a fact that the game and the teams that were at each other's throats 10 years ago are likely to be the same way 10 years from now. There's nothing we can do about it except sit back , Relax and let the good times roll.


Philly and New Jersey, Certainly not this year. Over the playoffs it always seems to atleast be 4 games where Philly and NJ are in.


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True that. The main reason why these teams were at each others throats dare I say it was the Scott Stevens hit a couple years ago that really began the downsloap of Eric Lindros