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Hobby Cards


Son of Liberty
I saw a thread about cards but it was so old it was closed, so I wanted to start another.

Anyone else collect cards? I don't buy anymore but I have a ton of football, baseball, and basketball cards. Some of my most notable cards are a Walter Payton rookie card, a Dan Marino rookie card, a Jerry Rice rookie card, I have a Sandy Koufax card and a few Michael Jordan cards.

How about you?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Wow those are some big time Rookie cards you have there, CO. Are any of them worth a lot?

I don't collect anymore, but I used to when I was younger. I have a ton of Baseball/Hockey cards, I'm sure I have a few gems in there, but I haven't taken the time to check in the last few years. They're well kept though.

My most notables are: LeBron James Rookie card with a piece of his jersey, same with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. Also, I have Vince Carter's rookie card and it's autographed.
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Son of Liberty
I haven't checked their worth in some time. A few years ago my Payton card was worth about $500. I've been wanting to check the value of my Koufax card but that might make me want to sell it.

A signed Vince card, that is very cool. I don't have any of them autographed. I've been wanting to get back into buying new cards and collecting them again.


Son of Liberty
I used to collect cards like a crazy person.

I have a Barry Sanders Rookie card. The same one on Ebay runs anywhere between 50-90 bucks. I actually got that one for helping one of my cousins boyfriends move. He just gave it to me because he had a couple of 'em.

I have a stack of hockey ones that would blow your mind. I've got Rookie cards of some huge name people like Martin Brodeur, Scott Stevens, Patrick Roy (which on ebay is worth about $500), Joe Thornton, Rob Blake, Jeremy Roenick, and a few others.

Then my real favorite is the Binder of Rookies I have that came in these NHL Rookie Packs I was getting. Basically the pack had every single rookie from that year. So I've got Every rookie from 2002-2006, including Crosby, Mason, Ovechkin, and every big name Rookie from those eras.

Then i've also got about 5 or 6 binders full of Spiderman & X-Men cards. I was a huge collector of Marvel Comic Cards for a loooong long time.


Registered Member
I had a bunch of baseball cards. I was really into it, but it's expensive, and most of my friends weren't really into it. I had a Greg Maddux Platinum Press Proof card that used to be worth $120. I also have a Duke Snider card, a Sandy Koufax card, and a couple autograph cards (Ron Santo and couple others I don't remember).

When moving my stuff out of my dad's house, I threw away probably hundreds of thousands of common cards.
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