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TV Hoarder's


Better Call Saul
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Has anybody watched this show? I was watching it last night and on that particular episode this guy was living with 2,000 rats. Some of the sickest stuff I've ever seen. So yeah, he was hoarding rats. Usually people hoard items and food and cats and dogs but the rats one was so gross.

Usually there is a reason they hoard things. This guy lost his wife and was upset and the rats were "there for him" when he was lonely.

Anybody watch?


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lol, I love that show but did not see the rat episode. If you knew which one it is I would see if it's on netflix because it sounds crazy. I liked the one with the lady that had the rotten pumpkins.


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I watched several episodes when the show first came out a year or two ago. The people are pretty messed up.

There was this one elderly couple who had so much crap piled up in their house that they didn't realize they had hundreds of cats living with him, many of them dead.

There are some other really disgusting episodes with people hoarding food, or not being able to get into their bathroom so they go anywhere.

I heard about this one with the rats recently. I'll have to look for it.


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The show is very insightful into some people's lives, and I often watch it when I have the chance.


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They put up the first season on Netflix, and I watched it. I was going to mention the cats thing that Echoes posted. I think they found something like 90 cat corpses. The number was really high, I remember that. I may be exaggerating, but I'm not sure. I know it shocked and appalled me.

I hope if there are some future seasons of it, that they'll put them up on Netflix. I'm assuming there are, since I haven't seen the rats one.


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They put up the first season on Netflix, and I watched it.
I'm going to do the same soon. I've caught episodes here and there and I find it very interesting. Some of the conditions these people subject themselves to is just outrageous. I'll never forget the episode where the man's father lived in the house with him and he died because of the living conditions.

I'm watching the first season right now and I'm on the first one with the cat lady. I can't believe that she had 35 dying cats and they removed another 35+ living ones. They were showing the cleanup of the garage and there was a skunk living among the cats.

The poor old lady thought she was doing good for the animals but her and her husband were so old that the animals became too much for them to handle. The poor kittens didn't deserve to die (or, really, shouldn't have been born in the first place).
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I've watched it before. It's disgusting yet compelling. It's interesting to see what makes people like that tick.


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I can't watch it. It is really sad because in my opinion these people have a psychological condition. Like you've mentioned Millz, they guys wife died. Sometimes something in a person just snaps.


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I have watched a few episodes, and it amazes me how some people get really upset when the people who come to help, try and throw away a piece of paper.
A lot of the hoarders have trash thrown all over and they just walk on top of it, as it become part of the floor *shudder*