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Ho Hum....Twiddly Thumbs!

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Babeasaurus Sex

I'm mega hyper....

I thought I'd start a thread where people can just release their boredom. :D Basically talk to me and stop me going mad(der) lol!

I'm trying to stop bouncing off the walls but I don't know how...I'm even listening to the Buble! (I love him.......very much) About an hour ago I had some sort of giggling fit and fell off my bed....seriously wtaf!? I haven't even had much sugar.....any infact.

I had to stop singing earlier too cos my housemate is a grumpy pooh (I truly dislike him :shake:) banged on my door and was like "Some people go to bed at 11" and then he turned HIS crappy music up.......Grr.....(It wasn't crappy music at all it was Muse and I LOVE Muse but I was so mad at him)



Not open for further replies.