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Creeping On You
Yes, batman does rule. He rules at being shitty. Picard sucks at being bad. Seriously, he's just completely incapable of not being awesome. He's one of the rare few people in the world that don't excel at not being awesome. Unlike batman.


Registered Member
Batman never lived a completely different life just to save the memory of a planet.
And I care why?

Batman's on a team with an alien who can move planets, a man with a power ring that's the most powerful weapon in the universe, an Amazonian warrior princess with the powers of gods, a Martian telepathic shapeshifter, and a man who can run at the speed of light - yet somehow this non-powered human is often the one who saves the universe.


Creeping On You
The difference is that Star Trek is real and DC comics is make believe.


still nobody's bitch
Danny I tried to help you out in this thread i really did but you're not making it easy.

I heart Jean-Luc Picard. that is all.

shut it, Rob.

/my participation in this thread.


Creeping On You
uh...i don't see how I was hindering my cause...I'm still on the picard is awesome, batman sucks mode.
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