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Creeping On You
I wonder if Batman could ever survive a damaged port nacell? Quite frankly i have to admit, he would not. The saviour of gotham is not the one to protect Earth (0,0,0) from the Borg. Batman would just get assimilated. His resistance is futile. But picard(lacutus) can resist and it's far less than futile. In fact, it's successful. Hence why we aren't borgs when cochrane discovers warp technology and attracts the vulcans to earth.

Fuck batman, lets make a picard comic.


Registered Member
The correct answer to "I wonder if Batman could..." is "Yeah, probably" or "Absolutely. He could do it in his sleep"

What can Picard do that Batman can't? I don't think there is anything. I'd MUCH rather have Batman captaining a spaceship than Picard. Don't get me wrong, Picard is awesome, but he's no Batman.


Lion Rampant
Wake up from your fantasy world, Wade. Batman will be long dead before the first starship is launched. Would you really sign on for a five-year mission commanded by a skeleton in a mask?


Creeping On You
Wade negged me for bashing batman. Ouch. Oh well. I'll do it again

Fuck batman, picard rules!
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