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Hmm.. Well, Golden Palace owns the rights to the "ghost cane" story. I wonder if I should let them know about what that person is doing?

Well, I emailed the guy telling him he better take it down.
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greenhappykat said:
I wouldn't tolerate that either, Mary. Good job for e-mailing them..And congratulations on your 100th post. :D
Thanks, Didn't even notice :)

Update.. She took the picture off & apologized to me. She replaced the picture with a picture of a cane.. :)
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bethany said:
She sent me back an email that said this ::::
hard work making toast?
please........who are you?
go back to hick land...

lol that like disney???

Sounds like a really caring and intelligent person to

Even though they removed the pic from the auction, what are they doing with the shirts? You should at least request money from them if they sell the shirts, and since they didn't ask in the first place I think you should tell them you want 50% and then threaten to take further action. But yet my dad's a lawyer so i might be a little more likely to jump on legal issues.


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I sent her another email saying "I hope you plan on removing the picture from the shirts too!"
Ebay is looking into this also.. :)

She ended all of them now :)
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Franko said:
I though this was much ado about nothing, but then I looked at their other auctions. You should too.

Update: they had t-shirts up with the same pictures you were talking about, but they aren't there anymore.
Yep, I got her for those too. I really didn't mind untill you guys made me think about it more & she was rude to a couple of you here..
I think I scared :)


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Good for you...Score one for the little guy..I would keep an eye on the seller to make sure that they don't try it again latter.(when they think they aren't being watched) Again congrats on getting them to pull the auction.
Catch ya latter.................. :warp:


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She claimed she thought the photo was a fake cause "the baby had a mustache" Yeah, Ok... Don't know who she's trying to kid, There should be only one news site that has that picture, I believe NBC but I can't remember & there was never any mustache on my son in it :eek:/
I'm glad she pulled it without a fight. :)


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If she just puts a picture of a cane then I don't know if you can do anything about that. If she gets into the Ghost Cane story, then yes, but if it's just a cane with no mention of a ghost, then probably not.

(You don't own copyrights on all mentions of cane's because of this LOL! It would be nice, but nope!)