I've been here before but don't remember what I registered as. So, if you notice a matching IP, that is why.

I found this place (again) doing a google search for "general forums". My life is such that I can't sit and enjoy forum life as much as I like. So, when life takes a break, I come find a forum to have fun in.

I remember really liking this place and even recognize some names. So, I'm off to dive in...


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Welcome! Do you know why you stop posting here? Hopefully it's not because you got banned or anything.

Enjoy your stay and I'll see you around, hopefully you stick around this time.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Welcome dude.

I was like you too lol...I was here ages ago, than sort of dropped off the face of the planet, and made my return last year hehe.

Enjoy yourself man, this place is crawling with lots of interesting topics and people.


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For the time you have not posted on GF, you have missed out on a great amount of craziness. Welcome back.
Nothing about this forum made me want to stop coming (however, I do remember a snarky word or two between a couple of the women here, so unimportant I don't remember details and don't hold a grudge) but truly remember this bunch being cool to hang out with and speak my mind. Life just got busy which is why I had to put forums to the side.

As I've looked around the past few days, this is a pretty awesome forum....


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Welcome back, (not a) dude! Just curious, how long ago were you here the first time and who do you remember?
It's been about a year. I remember Hybrix and Babe Ruth. When I run across other unusual names, they just ring a bell as being associated with this place.
And I'm pretty sure I asked this before but I don't remember the answer, but when does a moderator get to STOP approving my posts before they are posted? (grrrrrrrr)