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I came here to post things that dont fit in any other forum/site I am part of. My name is OhEmGee...ok thats a lie but....

Anyways if you want to become my immediate enemy then you will type like you are five. For example:

Heeeelllooo Myyyy naaaammee issss Stelllla and 1 c4nt tYpEe!!!!

Thats drives me up the wall. So hello!


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I know what you mean about the typing, my pet hate is people who insist on using txt talk so i have to read it 10 times then read it out loud before i understand what it is they are trying to say. Funny thing people who do that generally have very little of interest to say anyway. :lol:


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I like your name lol. I actually use that on another forum, so I guess I am partial to it. The majority of GFers type like sane adult human beings.. there is the occasional few that can't get it right, but we love them anyway.

Anyway, I hope you like it here and decide to stick around.


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I'm closing this thread because there is no point in welcoming this person any longer. He was banned for spamming.
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