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I just wanted to introduce myself. I am new here.

I am terrible at telling people about myself. I will gladly answer any questions anyone has for me though.

Until later,


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welcome to the place
Thanks, I love your Avatar.
Well, what are your top 3 interests and what made you join?

Top three interests
Music (especially Metal, more specifically Black Metal.)

Why I joined:
I'll go from complicated to simple om this one... I am in a fantastic relationship with the love of my life. But there are nights when she's not home (she works two jobs) and none of my friends are around either, and I get bored and lonely. So I come online seeking human interaction. I don't really like chatrooms because I find them trite and (usually) full of morons who just either want to fight with me or cyber with me.) I had a forum that I was a regular on for quite some time. But it was full of backstabbing and drama. I left willingly a few times. But out of missing the friends I made there I always went back. The admin of the site hated me and banned me permanently because he "just can't keep dealing with me." So I went searching for another online haunt.

As far as why I joined this forum. The fact that there's a religion forum and a history forum were big ones for me. And things seems a lot more laid back here.

Woo... now that you know my life story, lol.
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Haha. Nice. Yeah we are pretty laid back. If you ever have any questions you can always ask and you'll usually get a quick response.

Those two sections are fairly active here too. Will be good to have some of your input in there as well.


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^ I was looking in the Religion forum a little bit ago. It seems pretty alive in there.

I'll try not to scare anyone away (I am a Satanist, practicing 10 years now.) But people seem open minded over there.


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Now that I am getting a little more relaxed... more information.

I am from Norway aoriginally but lived in the US since 1996.

I am an Imagery Extraction Specialist for a Geospatial Intelligence Compnay (yea, a big geek basically.)

My girlfriend and I live together, we've been together 3 years. And she's really hot.

I play bass.

I have one dog, an Elkhound.

Hmmm... I've run out of things that are interesting enough to tell anyone. Sad.


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Welcom to the forums, I'm very glad you've decided to join these forums. You seem to be pretty knowledgable on all kind of subjects. So I'm sure you'll fit right in with the rest of us. So enjoy yourself and I'll see you around.


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Noticed you around the Metal threads, glad we have more members that appreciate Metal genres now days.

I can get into some Black Metal, mater of fact Dimu helped to get me into allot of the Death/Melo Death Metal bands I love today.

Type-o-Negative is also another favorite.

Stick around man you sound like a great addition to the forum.