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Hitler, A Tragic Hero?


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I've seen some threads about Hitler and Nazi's so im going to expand a bit. I believe Hitler fits the criteria to be a tragic hero. My dad doesn't agree, however i think i have some good evidence.

The Criteria for a tragic hero are:

Comes From Noble Station. Hitler was a of high status and was respected by his followers.

Good Intentions. Think about this one now, In his mind, was he trying to do something evil? No. He was doing what he thought was right, and what was good for Germany, etc. He referred to it as "religious cleansing" i believe.

Tragic Flaw, Hitler's tragic flaw could be argued a bunch of ways, but he definitely had one.

Downfall. Well, WWII, that is all.

Undergoes a reversal of fortune. In other words, his luck turns.

So think for yourself, was Hitler a "bad" man, or was did he just have his own beliefs? Hmm, sounds like religion doesn't it?

What do you think?


Lion Rampant
Dad's right. Adolf Hitler was a surly (after his brother's death from measles), pathologically xenophobic, egomaniacal son of a bastard beekeeper. That's a lot to ignore, in attempting to frame him as any kind of 'hero,' tragic or no. Pet theories can be hard to give up, I know, but for the life of me I can't see how someone could subject this one to even a cursory examination and still consider it valid.
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Not another "hitler was an OK guy thread" :(

Seriously, any discussion of this idea other than as an exercise of debate is silly if you ask me.


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I'm not even going to beat around the bush anymore. If you can put the words "Hitler" and "Hero" in the same sentence, then you do not have a full understanding of what the Holocaust means. You have not listened to the victims' stories, or seen them weep on command at the mere mention of the time period. You haven't bothered to try and comprehend the words "11 to 17 million people." You have not realized that extermination camps weren't built for fun 'n' games, they were built because the Nazis didn't have a sufficient ammunition supply to murder everyone that they wanted to.

This isn't some storybook you're applying literary theory to, this is real life with real consequences. This actually happened, not very long ago. Millions of people died, and it hurts me to see how fast we've all up and forgotten that.


For a Free Scotland
So think for yourself, was Hitler a "bad" man, or was did he just have his own beliefs?
His own beliefs involved exterminating 18 million people systematically because of the religion they followed, or their culture, or their political ideology, or their sexuality. I don't care how much of a bullshit relativist you are, Hitler was the epitome of bad.



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Ever read MacBeth? he killed many innocent people, yet is considered a tragic hero.


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No--just, no. There is no way. I +1 everyone above who says that this can be nothing other than a debate exercise. There is no sound, logical conclusion to be reached in any way that says he has even the slightest shred of "hero" quality--tragic be damned.

Ever read MacBeth? he killed many innocent people, yet is considered a tragic hero.
Only in literary lingo.
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Ever read MacBeth? he killed many innocent people, yet is considered a tragic hero.
Macbeth was a tragic hero, but he was a literary character from a work of art.

Hitler was a bad man who did bad things. He did have things wrong with him, but there is really no way to justify what he did. You can't kill the mass amount of people he did and call him a hero, not even a Tragic Hero.

He was a dictator with power and a personal vendetta against Jews. He was a smart at propaganda and was a great speaker, but he was still doing bad things. Germany was in a terrible depression because of World War I and he gave Germany a means to get out of that, and a way to get rid of the Jews (which was for personal reasons).

You could never consider Hitler a hero.


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Ever read MacBeth? he killed many innocent people, yet is considered a tragic hero.
MacBeth killed innocent people out of ruthless ambition, not just because, well, I don't really like them a whole lot. On top of which, "tragic hero" in that sense is supposed to be taken as "tragic protagonist." As in, he is not good at all, we're just led to sympathize with him.

And his eventual downfall came about, in part, out of remorse for what he did.

And he was fictional.

But either way, to what end are you making this argument?


Creeping On You
Hitler was not a tragic hero. The fact that he ordered millions to their death was tragic. The only heroes were those attempting to stop him.

I don't care if Hitler was deranged or thought he was doing good. His actions were still horrible. I've been watching through the show Criminal Minds. It's filled with people who have phsychotic breaks who actually think that what they are doing is right. Yah, those people need help, and Hitler may well have needed the same kind of help. This does not excuse his actions, and this does not make him the good guy in any way.

Also, comparing Hitler to Macbeth demeans an amazing piece of literature.