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Have u ever been a hitchhiker? If so, why? And how was the "trip"? If u haven't, whould u do it? why? or why not?

Have u ever picked up a hitchhiker? If so, why? And how was the "trip"? If u haven't, whould u do it? why? or why not?

I have never been a hitchhiker. Prolly whould if it was more than just me. Gues i'm just too scared of doing that alone.. Unless i whould be drunk an not realy give a damn..

I have taken up a bunch of hitchhikers. Usualy ton of fun to just chitchat with random ppl abouth totaly random stuff. Prolly do it cuz i feel sorry for him/her/them.


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I've never been a hitchhiker because, reason why? I would feel bad for letting people give me a lift without paying anything back, also I'm scared of what crazy people I might end up with. Might get murdered or something :shifteyes:

I've never picked up a hitchhiker for the above reaaons too


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My uncle picked up two Hitchhikers once, they ended up stealing his tools in the back seat and the other one snuck a bag of weed in his glove compartment as "pay" :/
It was really strange.


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I have never seen a hitch-hiker before in England. Not that I've been aware of anyway. The concept is too alien to me for me to actually consider doing it myself, and probably also to consider ever picking anyone up. I'd just assume the worst and think they're gonna shoot me or something. If I saw someone along the side of the road trying to get a ride I'd most likely just feel sorry for them and hope they're not dangerous and someone else will stop and pick them up.


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I'll never hitchhike because there's so many different ways to get where I want to go. Friend giving you a ride, taking the bus, taking the taxi, biking, rollerblading and walking. I dont trust strangers enough to drive around with them. I'll never pick one either. There's some crazy people out there, and I'm 75% of the hitchhikers are in that category.


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Never been one, never picked one up.

I'm not opposed to either, just never needed to.


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I've never been a hitchhiker because i've never had the need to be, there has always been some other way of getting there. I wouldn't be opposed to it, i've actually kinda always wanted to try it. I know the dangers, blah blah blah, but yeah, I think it could be fun to try, at least once.

I have picked up hitchhikers before. They were a German couple sightseeing around NZ. It was interesting to hear about their travels. They thanked me by smoking a joint with me. Good times. I wasn't alone though, I had a friend with me. I wouldn't pick someone up by myself. I remember there was another time me and a friend were on a road trip and we drove past this really good looking guy wanting a ride. My friend was too scared to pick him up because of all the stories you hear. I was disappointed.


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I have never been a hitchhiker and at the same time have never picked one up.


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lol, I've never been a hitchhiker for the simple fact that I'd be afraid of being picked up by some looney toon nor have I picked one up for the same, exact reason.