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Movies Hitchcock


Registered Member
I just got a Alfred Hitchcock box set, and you didn't...

On it there is:
The Birds
Shadow of a Doubt
Family Plot
Torn Curtain
The Man Who Knew Too Much
The Trouble with Harry
Rear Window

So yeah, it's an awesome collection. I'm a bit gutted they couldn't squeeze North by Northwest onto it, but nonetheless it's something to treasure. WHOOOOOOOOOP!

Anywho, this is not just a braggin session, that would be stupid and awful.

I actually would like to know what people think of Alfred Hitchcock. I mean, if you don't reckon much to him, then you probably don't care about my enthusiasm for receiving this box set at long last.


aka ginger warlock
I was a little surprised that North By Northwest did not appear in the box set but otherwise not a bad box set at all. I won't deny I am not the biggest Hitchcock fan in the world, its not that I dislike his films but I just haven't had an inkling that says I have to watch them all this weekend. Enjoy the box set though HeS :)


Sally Twit
The Birds - Love
Shadow of a Doubt - Never seen
Family Plot - Never seen
Topaz - Never seen
Frenzy - Never seen
Torn Curtain - Never seen
The Man Who Knew Too Much - Never seen
The Trouble with Harry - Never seen
Marnie - Never seen
Rope - Never seen
Rear Window - Love
Psycho - Love
Vertigo - Love
Saboteur - Love

The films I have seen of his are fantastic. I am thinking I should watch the rest of them at some point as I love the ones I have seen.
I love how Hitchcock made an appearance in almost all of his own films. It would be an extra passing by the window or something but I like the idea of that. Not like Tarantino actually having some lines.

I am a big James Stewart fan so it was good that he starred in some of the films.


Registered Member
Watched Rope and Rear Window last night.

Both brilliant. I forgot just how good Rear Window was. It's a masterpiece, the way he shoots it is remarkable.
I also love how he could manage to elicit such great tension out of these two. Since they both are simply set in one room. Cracking stuff.

Thanks gin, it's such a good addition to my collection. One of my best purchases in recent memory.
Awesome Bliss. You gotta hunt down some of the others. I'd recommend rope, it was on TV last week. It might come on again, you should keep your eyes out for it.
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