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Historical research tools: navigation charts and maps


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Ok...I'm planning on doing some research into some of histories mysteries (I hate rhymes) and I need some maps that show detailed longitude and latitude. Not generic maps that show the grid in increments of 10, but one that's more detailed, like increments of 2 -5 (similar to navigation charts ships and planes used before electronic navigation). Does anyone know where the best place to find such maps are? I've search all over the web but I haven't been able to find anything that works.

Would a library have such a thing?


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Google Maps Latitude, Longitude Popup

I suppose you're looking into longitudes and latitudes of ancient landmarks? I wish you good luck with that.. the bowels of the internet are littered with the most amazing theories regarding those 'properties'. Any research into those things will almost naturally turn into wild speculations with no solid proof.


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Is their any specific geographical areas?

I would suggest trying a cartography society or going down the military history route, but where to start on this depends on the regions you would like detailed maps for.

The British Empire for all that it was worth did a pretty good job at chartering and drawing detailed maps of the world, from John Cabot to George Everest they left no cove or outcrop undrawn.

try this link:

Oddens' Bookmarks, The fascinating world of maps and mapping !
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Actually, I'm looking into lost airplanes and ships. Example, Flight 19 that was lost in the Bermuda Triangle. I agree with the theory that it was pilot error and that they got lost. As much as I have read on other searches, I still prefer to do my own work. So, I'm looking for a latitude/longitude grid that I can use to plot their course (which I have the info from the Navy archive on that) as well as the proposed locations that they might be, etc.

I plan on doing the same kind of research into Amelia Earharts' disappearance.
I checked out Google Earth last night and it turns out you can turn on the lat/lon grid (I did not know that). I managed to find the area that I needed and printed it out.
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