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  1. EllyDicious

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    (Sorry if this was opened before...)

    Why do we refer to God as "Him" ; "He" ?
    i know (for those who believe in God) He has no sexuality and i'm not saying he's a male or female because that would be so unfair of Him to chose a gender, i just wonder why we say "him" and why there's not a neutral pronoun to refer to God.
    In Albanian "Zoti" means "God" and all the male-gender nouns end with "i"
    Is it related to Jesus and the fact that he was male?
    Is it related to the patriarcal era when men were seen as powerful?
    Plus what is the difference between Jesus and God if some say God (Jesus) or ismply Jesus God??? :confused:

  2. icegoat63

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    I just sorta think thats just how the way Humans have thought over the years. Most items are either Masculine or Feminine and usually its the Powerful things that hold the Masculine connotations.

    Whether it should be like that or not, I dunno, but thats just how it is. So for that reason I think that alot of the reason God is referred to as a Male has to do with just Human vocalization habits.
  3. Wade8813

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    The three big monotheistic religions all refer to God as a He (although many say that God is asexual, but chose to portray himself as male to convey certain traits, or to be symbolic, or something).

    In polytheistic religions, they have gods and goddesses - since the term goddess is always in reference to a female, god is usually reserved for male deities.
  4. HappyFace

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    It all comes down to this society we are apart of, since we're faced with fear almost every single day we don't want a mother to tell us everything's O.K we want a father to fight off the bad guys.

    If you look back in time most religions and societies worshiped the feminine. Like in Ancient Egypt it was the woman who took on the royal blood line and it was the man she married who became pharaoh.

    It all comes down to us feeling safer with a father figure protecting us.
  5. kcdad

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    you got it on the second try... women were worthless except as breeders in the ancient middle east. It was mans' seed that created a baby, not woman's egg. The woman was like the Earth and Man the creative power of a seed.

    But originally all gods carried both male and females aspects to them... it was the first literate cultures that were predominantly patriarchal that started eliminating all the feminine references to God ... Wisdom, for example, in the early Hebrew references is always feminine. Elohim is PLURAL... male and female joined in creation.
  6. ArchiDe

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    im not quit sure about "why we refer to God as He" ,, however im sure that its not that we count him as a male .... About Jesus .. i beleive that he was just a prophet just like Moses, and Mohammed .. and that he was worshipping the one and only God
  7. EllyDicious

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    Yeah, none of us can be so sure though we give different ideas ...
    When it comes to God and everything supernatural, there are no answers.
  8. viLky

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    I always say "He" when referring to God as a de-sexed word. Sort of like "Hey, guys, ready to go?" when you're talking to a group of women. I don't literally mean they are guys, just a word that has different meanings then just that one.
  9. zacc

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    I do the same.

    Yeah, maybe that's the reason.
  10. Boredie

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    In Judaism we still refer to God in all forms male, female and plural, while each form is a different aspect of God. Though, granted on a day to day basis we use the male form while talking of God.

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