Hillary, Eight Belles & Predictions

Hillary Clinton a couple days ago told everyone to 'Bet on the Filly' (MSNBC) in the Kentucky Derby. The Filly, Eight Belles, was the only female horse in the race. The implication of course was to draw parallels between the Presidential race and the Kentucky Derby with the Female and Filly in each case winning the race thereby beating the odds.
Well, today Hillary's Filly Eight Belles placed second and was euthanized (CBS):

Do you see this as a sign for things to come? Big Brown won the derby and Hillary's horse, Eight Belles got euthanized.

It's sort of like a Nostradamus prediction in a weird sort of way. Eh?


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Kentucky Derby Horse = Presidential Candidate?

While the physical appearances are stunningly similar, I doubt it will tell much of the future.