Hillary confirmed as Secretary of State

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Barbara, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Barbara

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  2. icegoat63

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    The best analogy I can come up with right now is this:

    Its like standing on train tracks and watching a train come at me. I know its coming, I can hear all the bells and whistles telling me its coming without a doubt... but I dont want to believe it, I mean there might be another track just before me that will change everything but chances are there isnt. Now after its hit me... I knew it was gonna but I just didnt think it would. I mean its just so obvious that it was gonna happen that it almost seemed as though it wouldnt.

    meh... so I'm not entirely to happy with it, but whatcha gonna do. So what does she have, Obama and Biden in her way to the presidency now? lmao anyone think the Clinton machine will take 'em out? :hah:
  3. Tucker

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    Kind of anticlimactic, although I think she'll serve well. For me, today's bigger news was the holdover of Robert Gates as Def Sec. That move is a testament to Obama's brilliance and a fulfillment of his promise to give both parties a voice in Exec.
  4. MenInTights

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    All in all, I've been pleased and at times shocked by the good choices Obama has made thus far concerning his team. A month ago, I woulda guessed Obama would have chosen a Sec of State that makes Madeline Albright look competent. Like McCain, H. Clinton is somebody I grew to respect and (sorta) like over the past year. Heck, even Newt Gingrich called the Clinton pick solid.

    And honestly, when he picked Paul Volker to head up the economic recovery advisors, I thought the paper had made a misprint. I never, ever would have guessed a liberal President would pick someone for that position that is so closely tied to Reaganomics.
  5. Tucker

    Tucker Lion Rampant

    Hey, everybody makes mistakes. I'll give my man Barry a mulligan on that one. :)
  6. Kazmarov

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    I would point that 'confirmed' is a misnomer here- all Cabinet appointments are subject to Senate confirmation. Obama is simply choosing her as his candidate, rather than the Senate ensuring she will be SecState.

    I'm not thrilled with the pick, and preferred someone like Bill Richardson who provokes less drama and has a more well-rounded resumé. However, she is quite smart and certainly devoted. If she puts anything close to the amount of effort in this as she did her presidential run, the country's in good hands.
  7. Gavik

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    I agree. As Sec of State I'm not sure how well she'll do, though. Obviously, she's a skilled diplomat, but her job will be to serve as the President's representative overseas, and she may be a bit too independent for that.
  8. Tucker

    Tucker Lion Rampant

    Methinks Richardson makes a nice ace in the hole -- depth in the lineup, if you will. Obama's no pushover; Hil goes rogue and there's someone eminently qualified (and an Obama endorser in the primaries, a favor that begs reciprocation) ready and no doubt willing to take the job. But for now, at least, the PUMAs et al. will be satiated, which is why I think Clinton was the expedient choice.
  9. MenInTights

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    Where's Richardson going on the Obama team?

    Personally, I'm glad he didn't select Edwards for AG. Edwards lobbied himself for the slot hard before his fall and some afterwards. For a host of reasons, I just can't stand John Edwards. I would have to turn off politics for fear of seeing Edwards and ruining my day.
    Hey, what can I say? He's my version of the liberal's Dick Cheney. lol.
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  10. Gavik

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    I have no doubt that Obama can hold his own, and I doubt HRC will try anything drastic. If she did something worthy of firing, it would severly undermine Obama's administration and could set the Democrats back to 1994.

    Yea, that whole "downfall" thing kinda got in the way. Edwards' political days are over.

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