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Hilarious 'Fresh Meat' Stunt


I found this really hilarious video on youtube. It's a set up from some comedy show, not sure which country. In the video everyone goes up to the butcher wanting to buy fresh pork sausages, and well.... you can see what happens next.

Hilarious! people buying fresh meat - YouTube

It's funny how everyone wants to buy a sausage, but everyone is horrified at the thought of buying a slaughtered pig, even though it's the same thing, but just looking at it in different ways.

This is just a set up video from a comedy sketch show, I think it raises some interesting questions.

If you were in a situation like this would you still want the meat? It's fine buying sausages, steak, mince etc that no longer looks like an animal, but if you had to handpick a living cow, sheep, pig etc to eat would you be able to do it?
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Sally Twit
No of course not. It's easy to eat meat because it doesn't look like the animal. I went to a restaurant and ordered ox tongue a while ago. I didn't eat it because it looked like a tongue. I thought they'd cut it up or something but they didn't.
If they gave me an actual chicken with a FACE and everything I wouldn't be able to do it.
I do feel guilty sometimes for sure. But I do love meat and that's because I grew up on it.


rainbow 11!
I think the reason so many people can eat meat is because they don't actually meat the little piggy or chicken. by the time they see it, it's been skinned, boned, and processed that it looks nothing like a Chick or Babe or Betsy. I didn't find this funny, honestly. I think it's a little tasteless, granted, I'm not offended... I guess it kinda felt like they were trying to turn people into vegetarians? and I didn't like that. but to each his own!


Son of Liberty
I grew up on a small farm. At a really young age I was out with the Hogs while they were being Slaughtered, in the middle of it all separating the gizzards from the keepers after the Hogs took the bolt gun to the forehead. I'd have blood up to my elbows, it really wasn't as bad as people make it seem.

Same with the Cattle, chickens, and Goats. When it was time to slaughter... we did it, no questions asked and no second thoughts. The whole idea of raising the animals was to kill them and eat them. To this day my family eats Meat from animals we've picked while they were live. I quite frankly dont eat meat from the store... the taste is far different than that of farm raised livestock.

I cant say "if I were in this situation" because as odd as it may seem to you... I've been in this situation Frequently, But the actual situation rather. To me I find this kind of stupid that people would actually believe you can put a whole pig in a machine and it insta-turns it into a Sausage.

I've beent though the whole process many times straight up from Selecting which pig is next to slaughter, cleaning, gutting, grinding, spicing into sausage, and even inserting into the mucosa casings. So its kind of hilarious to me to see how dense people actually are.

I see nothing wrong with it... its no different than chopping up vegetables for a salad to me.
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Embrace the Suck
I've skinned and field dressed and later cooked animals that I have killed before, including whitetail deer and wild pigs. I've also slaughtered goats (we call it cabrito down here) and cooked and eaten them. It's not a big deal to me. I see nothing wrong with it either.


Creeping On You
I'd still eat it, for sure. One because I'm smart enough to know that that's not how you make sausage :p. There was no blood either so...dumb customers haha.


Most people eat meat because it tastes good. Who cares what it once looked like? It's dead now & delicious next to my baked potato. I don't see the big deal. I've helped slaughter pigs before. I think I like pork better now than I did before. Haha.


Registered Member
To be fair, sausage usually involves killing full-grown pigs, not piglets. And it doesn't involve everything being shoved it - they remove a lot of parts.