Hiking with Music?


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When/if you hike, do you do so while listening to music or not?

I never used to but I started to recently and it's kind of cool. I wouldn't listen to music if I was hiking with people but if I'm by myself it's kind of an extra way to keep moving.

I have only hiked with music once so far though and it was on a very intense hike that I was doing more for a workout/time trial than an actual hike.


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I do almost everything while listening to music. Hiking is no different. Granted, there are a lot of times when I take the music off, and just enjoy the sounds of nature or even better, the sound of absolutely nothing. But, yes, I do listen to music when I hike.


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When I used to hike I always had at least one earphone in I found that it relaxed me and gave me the extra push I needed. But I have said in another thread I listen to music all the time :walkman:


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Whenever I go hiking I don't like to have music, I like to hear nature and all I want to be thinking about is pushing myself. (probably because most of the time when I go hiking it's pikes peak or the incline :hah:)

No but seriously when i go out into nature I enjoy the sounds of nature more than I would music, it's not often that I go hiking so I like to enjoy the experience entirely.
No, never. I like listening to nature sounds, and you never know when a rattlesnake or bear is nearby if you're jamming to your tunes. I'll keep music for home and the car. =P

Oh, yes, plus the secret ninja mountain rapist. Those are really stealthy and will rape you if you're listening to your iPod while hiking.


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I never have music on when out walking. It is more of a safety issue than anything else, you should keep your senses tuned in to the environment around you.


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probably because most of the time when I go hiking it's pikes peak or the incline :hah:
You and your bros need to go explore other areas. There's so much awesome stuff in Colorado that puts Pikes to shame.

I don't listen to music when I hike. If I were doing it purely for exercise then maybe I would, but I hike more for recreation. I enjoy being part of nature and enjoying all the sounds around me.


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I'm with Echoes. I'm out there for the peace and solitude as much as anything. Music would spoil that for me. I hardly ever get peace and quiet otherwise.


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I take my mp3 player everywhere I go. I just got a water proof one so I can surf with tunes. I tend to make soundtracks for the hike. depending on the season is the type of music I listen to.
But to answer your question Brix, yes I do listen to my mp3 player while hiking, walking, boarding or biking soon to be surfing too.
Ohh man i always go for walks with music, i need music, almost every day to be honest. Its probably my favorit thing to do. Last night i went for a walk at about midnight with my music and a smoke, i was as happy as could be :). But thats just me.