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New Member
hello. my name is alec :D
and i'm watching two and a half men right now. this show sucks :/
i'm a senior in highschool in missouri. i got to regular school half days, and the half i go to a technical high school where i where on motorcycles and other small engine stuff.
and that's all.


Where is my Queen?
Hi woahwoahwow, what are interest besides motorcycles?

P.S. Welcome to the jungle!!!!


Registered Member
Charlie Sheen stars in that show, how can it suck?? ~Lmao~


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Yay another Missourian...glad to have you here.

Let us know if you have any questions.


Registered Member
You lost me when you said you were watching two and a half men, and got me back when you admitted it sucked :D
You're allowed to watch bad shows as long as you admit they're bad.

Welcome to GF! I like the name Alec, by the way.


Registered Member
Welcome to GF! :D What Arathald said... and tons of awesome topics here and better things to watch! :lol: C U in the threads!