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Highly Addictive


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Is that your site? It's an odd choice for your first post here unless you are spamming it... It says it just went online 2 days ago, so either you own it, or heard about it pretty quickly.

Either way it's a cool site. I made a quick plug for WWW.GAMEFORUM.COM in it. :) Probably won't last long though.


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That was ok. Me and some other person had fun spelling out some funny sentences. I then ended it with a message in the bottom right corner.


Andrew, your message was already deleated when I went there.


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That is a pretty neat site. I just checked it out and it had www.gameforum.com and nothing else. I was gonna try doing it, but I don't have the patience or the ability to be precise with my placement of the mouse. My trackpad on my lap top is just about shot.

It was a pretty cool idea. I wonder how quickly it will get around. I think we all should take turns and check it everyday to make sure gameforum is on there. :)


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Pretty cool, though it's hard to make things when other people are around. They just keep dragging everything away so they can make their own messages, which are usually just profanities and/or links to porn websites.


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Oh, that was utterly annoying. I tried writing gameforum and I couldn't find a "U", then just when I found one, some schmuck moved all the rest of the letters. They left the "me" though. How nice of them.

But your right gamechamp, get some letters and people are gonna be writing naughty words on there.

I think this site will do well initially, but it will get old very quickly once you can't write anything cause others are.


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i went to room 4 and no one was there so i put:

~ gameforum.com ~
win a xbox three-sixty

and a smiley face. and now someone added ears and a chin and eyebrows.

then i started writing, "tell them wrecked sent you" but someone got to it {=[


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I have a great idea. We dont ban spam, but we put up a warning. If you spam, we reserve the rightt o spam our link at the place being spammed.


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If only people would bother to put a link and write a little something about it instead of putting a link and writing nothing or write some junk saying "oh, I'm such a fan of this place and its great and HEHEHAARAAA" but put no link in their post. Really, would it kill them to show that much effort???