High School Prom?


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Did you attend your High School prom? If so did you have a good time?

If you haven't graduated yet, do you plan on going to your prom?

I've been to mine, and it was loads of fun, I dont remember much of the night, because I was pretty hammered, but it was so much fun.

How about you.


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I want to go, but my boyfriend doesn't want to. Oh well. I'll find a way to make him.

Anyway, I think I'll have a good time. I've only been to one other dance, and it was loads of fun. Last year I was supposed to go to prom, but the guy who bought my ticket dumped me the night before. He went without me.
I didn't want to go but I never told my friends that, I just stuck it out, and it wasn't all that bad. I've just never been one for that kind of atmosphere, not my thing. And everyone was acting like bestfriends, all smiley and it just seemed really fake somehow, I can't really explain it.

The first one was boring but the afterparty at someones house down the street was really good, so I'll say I'm glad I went to it just for that reason :D

The second one was much better because it wasn't held at school and was really well organised. I still wouldn't say I particularly enjoyed it though. Like I said, not my thing, I didn't really like many people at my school so I couldn't go off and chat to other people outside my circle of friends. I also didn't get drunk at all which was a downside :lol:


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I went to the prom three years in a row. The dance itself wasn't that memorable, but I loved getting dressed up, getting my hair done, and going out to dinner. I also loved the post-prom parties. The dance itself was just an excuse for us to get dressed up, eat out, and party.


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I was lucky enough to be in a relationship at the time of my senior prom. We went to my schools' and to her schools'. I had a lot of fun, personally. Dances weren't my favorite thing in the world, but I loved them when I could get something romantic out of them. I was with friends who had other dates; that made it fun as well.


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In Canada, it's not called a prom =P Its just the grad dance and dinner. I went to mine, lol. I had a broken ankle too, so dancing on crutches was interesting. The after party was great though. Getting drunk while trying to crutch =P


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I went my two junior proms, (one I was asked by a junior to go to, and the other was my own.) The first junior prom was fun because I was a sophomore, so it was always "cool" to get to go to a junior prom. My own junior prom sucked, I was dragged to it, and I had a horrible time. (I did get a new dress though, that was the only good part!) I went to my Senior Prom and had so much fun. I love getting dressed up and getting a new dress for every dance we went to. We also have a Crystal Ball which is kind of like a Prom but everyone can go. That was always fun, too. And when we go on our Senior trip, we went on a cruise and there was a dance there as well.

Senior Prom was definitely the best though.

Cait, I couldn't get my boyfriend to go either, so I went with friends and still had an amazing time. :)


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My high school prom was unique. The girl I asked was a good friend of mine, and we had really decided not to hook up, but just be friends. Well during the course between when I asked her and prom she started dating a guy.

Obviously I was not happy as I already bought the tickets. Well it turns out this guy was a complete douche bag to her. She told him after about two weeks that she was going to go with me since he was a douche and she had already promised me I'd go.

Prom night came, and I went to go pick her up. We did a double date with my best friend and his date. We got to prom and her soon to be ex-bf was there drunk as a skunk. Obviously he was pissed I was with her... the girls ran off to the bathroom, she came out and said "This is something I should have done a long time ago" grabbed me and kissed me in front of him. He took a swing at her, my buddy and I chased his ass out of prom.

Her and I officially hooked up (a long awaited hookup) and the night was a blast.


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No. I deliberately avoided all school dances, and pretty much all school events.

I especially didn't want to have to pay for prom (which has a rep for being much more expensive).


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im goin to prom this year but i've never been before, im not big on dances but i like to hang out with people and im going with this girl who's pretty cool so it should be fun