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High school graduation gifts (trips)


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Did you get one? When I graduated, it happen to be at a time my father was doing a short duty at the Pentagon. So his gift to me was to fly me, his 2nd wife and her two daughters to DC. We saw a lot of the Smithsonian, the Pentagon, and up to NY too. It was great.

My daughter is 17 and will be graduating this year. Along with touring some of the campuses where she is getting accepted to college, I would like to take her on a trip too. Last night I asked if she wanted NY, DC, or Hawaii. She chose NY or HI but worries about the cost because my husband has been unemployed. I figure we'll put it on a credit card.


It's not me, it's you.
I guess I did sort of get one. My dad happened to be going to Hawaii. He was selling insurance at the time and had won the trip because of how much he had sold. I was a senior in high school, and he paid for my air fare to get there. It was a wonderful experience. We stayed at the Rainbow Tower off Waikiki beach in Honolulu. I wish I had gotten to see the other islands though.


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My parents bought me a zune for my graduation, it is microsoft's version of the iTouch. it ended up being really glitchy, so I don't even use it. in fact, I can't get it to turn on anymore.

my mom was too busy drinking and spending all of the money on her friends, so I didn't even get anything when I graduated, I had to wait until my birthday, which is fine... I guess I felt jaded because my parents aren't poor. my dad was in the navy for 22 years and has a huge retirement, along with his other job. they CAN afford nice things, at least when my mom doesn't waste all the money on drinking. but she's sober now. i was super jealous of my friends, who received hundreds of dollars or really expensive trips and things like that. even my friend's mom, who can barely afford to pay rent, ended up spending like 500 bucks on her kids.

when I have a kid, she is going to be shown all the love and care my parents never showed me.


It's not me, it's you.
I was only thinking of trips when I made my post. When I graduated high school, my grandmother gave me a ring that my grandfather had given her. They were divorced since before I was born. I cherish it mostly because I was very close to my grandfather, and he passed away a few years ago. I guess I should think of my grandmother when I look at it, but I think of him instead.


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We in the Anglo-sphere don't 'graduate' from high school. We just finish the sixth form (or year 12, if you are in a state school,) then either go on to university (or get a job) from which we graduate with a degree. So I just finished high school last month, but no, I didn't get a present. We don't do that. :)


Sultan of Swat
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I got some money from my parents and grandparents. I didn't really ask for anything, I was just happy that they came to see me get my diploma. That's all that mattered to me.


Sally Twit
When I finished high school my parents gave me money. But then they would often spoil me. I didn't do great in school and going away was more of a Summer holiday tradition anyway.


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I was promised a Euro trip after graduation but it never happened.

Maybe pick a destination along where the campus trip is going, just to save on costs.