High School Football Rivalries

Discussion in 'NFL' started by redsoxocd, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. redsoxocd

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    okay so do anytowns that you live by have huge high school football rivalries. I got to Boston Latin School and for the past 120 years we have had a huge rivalry with Boston English School. We play a football game every thanksgiving against eachother. In the 120 games, Latin School has won 75 times, including todays 33-6 win. English has only won 35 times. And it was a 0-0 tie 10 times. My mom went to English and today she was trying to say that English has dominated Latin in the game. But I dont get this. See she went to English sometime in the 70's when the schools used to be across the street from each other. During this time period english didnt win at all and they only scored 24 points during the whole decade...thats pathetic. I cant wait to show my mom the wikipedia page that I found on this:


    I love this rivalry.

    GO WOLFPACK:clap:

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    I guess my hometown had a really big rivalry with some other school. I didn't really pay attention cause I hated highschool. I think we won all four games while I was there though...
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    My old school, Pender High, has a rivalry with Heidi Trask and every school around here hates Wallace Rosehill because they've won the championship for 26 years in a row and Topsail and Hoggard are rivals along with Laney.
    Just a quick fact Laney was where Michael Jordan went to Highschool and played basketteball in High School and he sends money to the local high schools.
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    I go to Fletcher High and we have a HUGE rivalry with Sandlewood.

    It's so big that sometimes people from our schools will vandalize the other school.
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    I went to Ann Arbor Pioneer High and our rival was Ann Arbor Huron. Now they're building a third school in Ann Arbor; I wonder how that will play out.
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    Dude I went to Topsail.

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