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So, I'm from and live in Indiana. The Hoosier state, where everyone loves basketball. Okay, not everyone, but almost! People go crazy for high school basketball. When my high school's team won state in 05 it was the biggest thing I've ever seen in my town. Town's only got 1900 or so people so we watched the flick Hoosiers in like every single class leading up to the game because people were comparing us to "Hickory" or Milan. It was also exciting because we hadn't even gotten out of SECTIONALS for seventy-some odd years. I remember the run like it was yesterday. Nostalgia! Traveling for hours to reach the destination where we'd be playing. Regionals was by far the best games (even though state was played as Conseco which was hella cool). Regionals was a double-header situation, so after we won the first game (which was the biggest upset, we beat the number one team in state), we had a few hours to spare before the second game started. I remember hanging with my friends driving around in this town we'd never been too, trying to find food and just having a great time. When we got back to the gym, they wouldn't let us in! They said we had to wait like an hour because the floor or something wasn't ready. Well, this is late Feb/early March and it is fucking snowing outside and it's like 20 degrees at most. Being the silly freshmen we were, we were wearing tshirts and gym shorts (faces and bodies painted too, of course!) So we stood outside this place shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of other fans and it was sooo cold, but the adrenaline kept us alive..lol. After we finally got in, the game began and it was close all the way through. It was tied with ten seconds left, and our team was shit tired, I don't think we could have made it through OT. We inbounded, passed once or twice, and hit a buzzer-beater to win the game! It was so exciting, I couldn't hear myself fuckign think it was so loud. AFter that we went on to win semistate and state, and the town went fucking crazy. It was a great time. Probably the best of my high school life, and that's saying something. Next two seasons after that though and we haven't gotten out of sectionals since.=[ Hopefully this year though we'll make another run.

So I know that was a long ramble you most likely don't care about, but I just wondered if anyone else here dug high school basketball like me. I just love it, so exciting and pure, not like that fluff NBA shit.

Sorry if there's a topic on this subject, I looked and didn't see one...


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I'd problably like High school ball more if my high team was better, just dont seem to have the players to constantly win games. The only problem I have with High school basketball are the ball hogs that tend to appear, you know when theirs that one kid that always jacks up shots that arent needed and never passes nobody does anything because he's their "star player". Other than that High School ball is all good.


Yeah, I know what you mean. We were lucky though, our 'star player' was a man by the name of Jason Holsinger (he plays good ball for Evansville University now). He was a really classy guy, spread the ball around, ya know one of those players that makes everyone around him a better player. He got offers from colleges from places like IU and Purdue, but he chose Evansville because he had commited to them in the beginning. Classy guy, too bad he isn't getting IU- or Purdue-exposure levels.


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High School ball is the only ball in my town but my school team is pretty trash and my province is low ranked so we don't have a lot of competitiveness however at the same time we too also have the small town where if you win the town goes crazy. Like this year our boys won Division 3 provincials (Won every game by about 30) and the town went crazy for them but after this year the team is fucked because im on it.