High school (A very brief short short story)


The Super Pimp of GF
Well this is the only installment of this story and it is short but I figured I would throw it out, it contains part of my life experience and part of stuff I made up so enjoy!

Chapter 1 “Welcome to my lifeâ€Â
Hey, my name is Henry and since you are reading this it is more than likely true that you want to hear my story right? If not then I recommend that you leave. OK I will start off with a little introduction to my life. I grew up in a small suburban town in the middle of nowhere. I was a member of the church choir and I made quick friends with the choir director’s kids Beth and John. They were really the first friends I had that didn’t go to my school or I wasn’t related to. On the subject of my family they are not exactly like all families we are what you would call unconventional. My parents are divorced (which is become more and more common these days) and my grandparents on both sides are very family oriented and want me to spend time with their side so often conflicts arise over that. My parents are brutal toward each other and often get in verbal arguments that drag me and my sister in. Well that’s beside the point. What I am trying to give is a little insider into what life is like for me so you could better understand how I feel. For starters I have never even kissed a girl let alone going on a date! To make matters worse I am 18! Most people would think I am hideous from my terrible track record but on the contrary. I am very handsome. The problem is my bad mixture of maturity and immaturity. You see when it comes to girls I am mature: I won’t date a girl just for fun I have to seriously like a girl to date her not to mention that my standards are really high. On the other side my interests are very immature: I collect cards and I am a superhero fan not to mention I love anime. Well you see I had one girlfriend but once I found out we really didn’t have anything in common I broke up with her after only a week.
One major issue I have is with girls’ views of me. I am Henry the great friend who they can go to for any problem and he can help them any time they need it. When they have trouble with their boyfriends they come to me, if they are depressed they come to me etc etc etc. Alright this brings me to the point of what I am going to be telling you about. I will lead you through my 4 years in high school in a very brief manner. It won’t be all of the info you could possibly want but hey when can you get EVERYTHING you want?

Chapter 2 “Froshâ€Â
Ok we will start off with the most awkward of all years, freshman year. Coming into my new school I was told by my mother that it would be completely different from elementary and middle school and that nobody would pick on me because they wouldn’t notice me which would have been fine by me if it were true. Freshmen orientation was my first experience into the world of high school and I was so nervous but excited at the same time. I met some new friends including a girl named Katie, who would be the object of my affection for quite some time. It was a time of transitioning but I was glad for the change.
The first thing I noticed was that it was going to be exactly like middle school. We had our bullies that picked on the weaker and meeker kids like me. Ryan, mike and various other jocks were the source of my pain for my freshmen year. They would push me down and knock me around. It was not like I was too weak to fight back but I was too scared and too shy to fight back. I felt like they were the football players and they could do whatever the hell they wanted and I couldn’t stop them. I went home crying after just few days (granted this was after Ryan slammed my head into the ground). My mom called the school and they told the gym teachers but it didn’t bring about any changes. I still got beat up and made fun of. High school was in some ways exactly like the movies and in other ways it was completely different.
The year continued on like that for a while until the end was in sight but someone obstructed my view of the end and that was Katie, who I had met at orientation and shared classes with, she was everything I wanted; smart, pretty, nice (to a point), she knew what she wanted and most of the time she got it. The only problem was I felt like she didn’t know that I existed. I tried my best to get her attention but all I did was make a fool out of myself. The year finally ended and I was right smack dab where I had started. I was alone, picked on and just plain discouraged.

Chapter 3 “Sophomoreâ€Â
After a summer of recuperation I was ready for another year of high school. I felt like I was finally over Katie and as luck had it I fell for another girl her name was Christine and the luckier thing was that she is Katie’s best friend. (hey I never said it had to be good luck) Well I liked her a lot and I wanted to ask her out but I never did and I beat myself up over it. Other than that it was a repeat of freshmen year except more beatings so I am done with this one.

Chapter 4 “Junior Yearâ€Â
Well now we have entered the longest and most devastating year of my high school career. Over the summer I had grown to a whopping 6 feet and 1 inch tall. I was more confident with myself and I was prepared to face whatever came my way. I had no idea what trials would occur and how much pain could be packed into one year. For starters I got my license and I joined the fall drama. That is where I met my first girlfriend, despite the fact that it only lasted a week. As stated before I found that we had nothing in common even though she was pretty and nice I would call her and we would sit in silence for like an hour until one of us hung up the phone. After I ended that I felt like I still liked Christine which annoyed me. So against my better judgment I decided to ask her out. She said she needed a few days to think about it so I gave that to her. Before I could get an answer from her got in a car accident. I was not injured but I got shaken up and my car was completely totaled. The car looked like a can of coke after you smash it on your forehead. It wasn’t a pretty sight. Well a few days later I went up to demand an answer from Christine and I saw her talking to this guy John (not the john from choir). He was obviously flirting with her and I could see that she was buying into it. Christine’s other best friend, Courtney, who I despise, took me aside and told me John was going to ask Christine out and more than likely she was going to say yes. I was heart broken but I still maintained hope because those words had come from a friend’s mouth not Christine’s. I walked into play rehearsal and saw her and John making out in the front of the auditorium.
I took two steps in and sat down. I felt like I was going to explode. John came running up to me and I had a flash back of when he offered to help me win over Christine. He kneeled on the seat in front of me and I ignored him. He continually tried to talk to me but I paid no attention to him. He then said the words that made me want to slaughter him where he stood. “Hey Henry you can tell me what’s wrong I am your friendâ€Â. I thought to myself that he wasn’t a friend he was just a back stabbing jerk who needed to get beat up by me. Instead of beating him up I stood up from my seat walked into the bathroom and broke down and cried. Much later on Christine was single again and I decided to try my hand at asking her out again which was possibly the dumbest mistake I could have made. She turned me down saying that she only saw me as a friend. Those words tore through me like trying to saw off a limb with a butter knife. Essentially that brought my Junior year to a close.

Chapter 5 “Seniorâ€Â
Well I came back to high school once more for a final try with a new car and a new attitude. I had now risen to 6’ 3’’ and I was ready to take on the world. I met many new faces and did the fall drama but nothing felt real. That entire first 3 months of school felt like a dream. I went through the first semester and I had come to make several really good friends. I was now on extremely good terms with Katie (yes the one I liked freshman year), Frank, Christine (yes the one I liked Sophomore and Junior year) and Scott. They are the best friends a guy could ask for. I had a lot of troubles with family and they help me through it. But I wasn’t ready for a secret showdown I was going to have with one of my best friends over a girl that I never expected to like!
Mid way through senior year I realized that I started to like Beth who I had met in choir when I was just a kid. For some reason I am really attracted to her and I was debating making a move on her when my best friend, Frank, Instant messaged me telling me that he liked her. My jaw dropped as I fained happiness for him. Later on he told me that he and her made out but afterwards she told him she didn’t want a boyfriend which hurt him and even though I hid my feelings it hurt me too. It was tough hiding my feelings and now as the year winds down I can’t help but feel that I am making a mistake. Well College is only a little ways a way and I have to go because I am busy studying for finals! So bye and thanks for listening to my rant!


did u get picked on and beat up in high school? or did u make that up? lol :D very nice that you based it on ur life... i think its sorta easier to write a story based on past experiences since u kno how ur character will act or feel


The Super Pimp of GF
Oh ya I got beat up both freshmen and sophomore year. Until Junior year where I grew so tall that nobody wanted to mess with me
i wish i was 6'3" i am only 5'8" and i am 17 almost 18 so i hope i grow a little more haha

great story man and sry bout you getting beat up thats why you make friends with furture bodygards lol