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New Member
Hello people, first of all, this looks like a great forum! :)

OK, a bit about myself...

I'm 15 years old, but I'm not your "usual" teenager. I don't break windows, I don't spray paint (other than repainting car panels!), I don't listen to that rubbish they call "rap" (sorry if I've offended anybody who likes it!), and I don't demand items, I am happy for what I have.

Now, the rest.

I love cars, mowers, and anything else with an engine. I collect Vacuum Cleaners (yes, Vacuum Cleaners!), and have my own Car Valeting business, which I will be expanding on when I'm 16 and can register it as a business at the tax office and do more hours.

I am also home educated, or at least will be until I'm 16, when I will be putting 99.9% of my time towards working and earning a living!

That's really all I can think of saying...

So - Bye for now! :cool:


New Member
Hi! and Welcome! Hope you'll like it here! I'm new too and I'm just wandering about for now :)


Registered Member
Welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders.


Registered Member
LOL! When I was 15 my nick was Gimme Gimme! :D Welcome to the forum! What types of music do you like?