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"Expect the unexpected"
Welcome to GF! Stick around.........you'll like it here!


I'm serious
Hi Atlantis and welcome to GF.
I hope you do stay. You seem nice. And also, I get happy when more people get sucked into the whole that is GF - means I am not the only person who falls into the trap!


Registered Member
Uh, interesting. :lol:

Your dogs - what breed are they? I like dogs. I also like turtles but I don't suppose you have any of those or you would have mentioned it. Doesn't matter, I forgive you.

Welcome to GF!
They're Miniature Schnauzers. :) I don't have any turtles but I like 'em.


Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. I really appreciate it.


I'm serious
You click on your mood and sellect an option from the drop down list!

You're welcome! ;)


It's not me, it's you.
Ohai. I'm the one from Dallas/Friso/Plano :p. Welcome to the forum. :)


yellow 4!
I still can't find it. All I see is My GF and I didn't see the option on my profile. This is embarrassing because I found it when I joined. :embarassed:
Heh, no worries, it's always hard to adjust to a new format. It's not on MyGF or your profile, it's on the main general forum homepage.


at the left, underneath where it says MyGF, it should say; Welcome Atlantis! then your avatar under that, then your stats, then finally your mood.