Hi, I'm thrillhouse22. My real name is Bill. I used to post at a forum with Echoes and DaStevez back in '02-'04, and haven't been on the computer much in the past few years other than for research or music purposes. Well I've decided that I have had more time in my life lately and recently received an email rekindling my interest in message boards and making me nostalgic.

So I guess it would be good to reveal a few things about myself, hobbies and interests and the like. I love all types of music, mainly heavy metal in all forms (thrash metal, groove metal, death metal, black metal, funk metal, rap metal, nu metal, crossover thrash, grindcore, speed metal, and so on. I realize to most people it all just sounds like noise anyways LOL). That said, I also like funk, reggae, golden age hip-hop (think Public Enemy and G-Funk from the early 90's), punk, hardcore, metalcore, some pop, classic rock, and so on. If I had to pick three favorite bands it would nearly kill me, but i would opt for 311, Opeth, and CKY. I find they're among the most original groups in music.

I also have played music for the better part of my life and it helps me remain on an even keel. Improvising some guitar is better stress relief than a large series of bong rips (oh yeah I love to burn too. I really hope that doesn't offend anyone) as far as I'm concerned. If anyone would like to collaborate music over the net I would love to spread around some ideas. With the amount of people on this site, I'm sure there's other musicians here.

Other than music, I really enjoy playing FIFA 09, Halo 3, and COD Modern Warfare 1 and 2 and World at War. My handle is Mondo Zombie on Xbox LIVE if anyone wants to throw down.

And beyond music and video games, I love the Jacksonville Jaguars (whose playoff hopes were dashed today as they were made bitches by the Patriots), as I am from, and currently reside in, Jacksonville. I also love the Cavaliers in the NBA since I've spent a bit of time in the Cleveland area in the past couple of years, and I love the Canadiens in the NHL since I did a lot of growing up in Montreal.

After a 5 year hiatus from college, I will be going back in pursuit of a Communications degree, and right now I work as a line cook at a somewhat upscale rustic Italian restaurant in Ponte Vedra Beach, although if all goes as planned, I will be shortly employed as a full time content writer for a website I won't mention so this post doesn't get deleted as advertising/spam!

I guess that's about it, I look forward to forming bonds with at least a few people around here, if not everyone!


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Welcome back Thrill! Hope you'll stick around this time cause GF has so much more to offer than PDC ever did. I think you'll really like this place if you get to know everyone.

I play Halo 3 from time to time. I'll add you on Live. I'm Echoes981.

For everyone wondering who the fuck Thrillhouse is, he's basically one of the coolest guys ever.


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Welcome back my friend. You seem like an interesting fellow, so hopefully you stick around this time around.

Make yourself at home.