Discussion in 'Introductions' started by IceQueen, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. IceQueen

    IceQueen Registered Member

    Just wanted to say hi........................so hi :lol:

    Been looking for some new forum mates to play with me, maybe this is the right place?

    We shall see :shifteyes:

  2. Cait

    Cait Oh, poppycock.

    The more you post, the more fun you'll have. I guarantee you.
  3. IceQueen

    IceQueen Registered Member

    Hello Cait, once I get going there is no stopping me, now most of what i say is crap but even so post count is post count :lol:
  4. EXQEX9

    EXQEX9 Yep.

    You should take a look at sub talk! It sounds like you'll come to love that section!

    Welcome to gf.
  5. IceQueen

    IceQueen Registered Member

    Thanks for the welcome EX, I will take a,look at the sub talk then ;)
  6. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    Welcome to the forums, it's always nice to get new members. Hopefully you'll become a big contributor to the forums.

    With that being said, quality is much better than quantity, just remember that.
  7. Cait

    Cait Oh, poppycock.

    just an fyi. subtalk doesn't count as post count, but you'll still enjoy it.
  8. Nibbles

    Nibbles meep

    Hello EXQEX and welcome to GF! Stay active, don't become a stranger
  9. IceQueen

    IceQueen Registered Member

    Hello Ruth and thanks for the welcome

    I guess it depends what one would call quality ;) What makes me laugh my iceacles off may well bore you to tears :lol:
    Seriously I was joking about the post count :rolleyes::lol::lol:

    OMG what have I started!!! :shocked:
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
  10. Nibbles

    Nibbles meep

    As long as you can finish what you started. Welcome!

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