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  1. Francy_

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    :)Hello everyone! I'm Francesca, I'm an italian architect.
    I have the hobby of financa and forex market.
    :)Hello everyone! I'm Francesca, I'm an italian architect.
    I have the hobby of finance and forex market.
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  2. Babe_Ruth

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    Welcome to the forums, hopefully you'll become an active member here at General Forum. I am sure if you remain active you'll enjoy yourself a whole lot.

    See you around.
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    Hi and welcome to GF.

    hope to see you around !
  4. pro2A

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    Welcome from the U.S. It's nice to see more international members.
  5. Millz

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    Welcome to the site Francy...hope you become an active member of the forums.
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    Welcome to GF,i hope that find something here that picks at your interests,stick around have fun and i will see you around the boards.
  7. Rebeccaaa

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    Hello! Welcome to GF.

    Ooo Italy... I'm trying to learn Italian at the moment, I love it but it is not going very well :shake::lol:
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    New Members! WOOTZ! GF is one step closer into becoming a forum giant... or something like that.

    Regardless, welcome to GF Francy.
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    A warm welcome to you.

    Hope you enjoy your time here and General Forum!
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    Hi & welcome to the General Forum :)

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