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New Member
Hi Everyone!

I'm Jessy. I'm a former Wizards of the Coast manager (yay for spending 40 hours a week surrounded by games and gamers!) and a DDR addict. I'm terrible at most video games, but I have fun trying -- mostly on the old systems. We own (and play) Duck Hunter on Nintendo, and I love that . . . and Crash Team Racing on the old PS -- my daughter was born knowing the theme music to that one since her dad and I played so much while I was pregnant! Yeah, I like the silly games more than the serious ones!


Secret Agent
Staff member
Hey Jessy!

Welcome to GameForum.com :)

DDR is good times. I never played it really but it was always fun watching others wear themselves out on it. :D

Duck Hunt is a classic. I can't play it anymore because I don't have my NES anymore though. :(

Anyway, feel free to have a look around and if you have any questions just ask!