Wow my post was deleted a second time? Thats pathetic.
of course I bet it was seen as spamming because it was said against fusion central however the spamming Michael Jordan did my searching on another forum for aim sns doesn't count since it was an effort to get more people here.

Hello, I am extremely dissapointed to learn that Michael Jordan someone who spams on my home sports forum is an admin. I would hope you would hold some kind of level above spammers here. how ridiculous it was to find out Michael Jordan was lying about being other members on my board so that I would join yours. I hope you ban or at least demote him for spamming

Sincerely, A very disgruntled person


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It's really not our problem what members do on other forums since we really can't tell them what to do.

There is no reason to ban or demote him either, just advertising isn't enough reason to do so. He's knows what he is doing and if you told him nicely yourself instead of whining about it I think you two can come to an agreement on things.

Thank you for your posting though and have a nice day!


advertising is not going to another board searching the members and iming people on aim to join. advertising is not lying about your identity to try and get people to join.

thats spamming my friend.


rainbow 11!
I understand where you're coming from. But we really can't do anything about it.

I'm actually starting to get annoyed by it. But hey, he's not breaking FC rules.


so FC doesn't have rules against spamming? thats sad.

well what do you know? Looks like he broke some rules

1. NONE of:

-Impersonating another person or entity of our staff and other members, including falsely stating or otherwise misrepresenting your affiliation with a person or entity.

3. No spamming at all


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We don't care, seriously. Take it up with him personally through PMs or something.

Lol swami, your rep was so low when you did that that is was grey. And I'm not the one bitching dumbass. I'm the one telling you to stop bitching. Are you partially illiterate as well as a whiny bitch?