Hi there

Just wanted to say that I just joined yesterday, and I think this forum is a great idea. However, I think that your posting requirements to get to higher levels is a bit steep. I guess I could just do a lot of extra replies and such to get there, but I am not like that. There really isn't all that much to talk about in level 1.


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Welcome cbsgen. You can post replies in any forum in any Level. You just can't make new threads in a Level until you are a member of that Level. Sorry for the confusion.



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Welcome to the forums cbsgen4593

Nice auction you have running. as hybrix said, you can reply to any topic you can see, just not make new topic in the higher levels until you reach them.

Hope you enjoy the forums!


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Welcome too cbsgen4593,
You will enjoy it here. I tell you this much, the people here are much better, in kindness, in sharing, in conversation than E--- Discussion Board.

Good Luck
Well, there is no actual confusion, just thought the amount of posts a little steep is all. I have been a member of different BB2 forums and none of them have levels. Oh, well, can't fight city hall, I guess.


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Welcome to the boards! Trust me, before you know it you'll be in another level! Read some of these threads and you can't help but post replies on them and BAM! next thing ya know your a level 4!!

Enjoy yourself!