Hi i'm Jessalope


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Hello everyone my name is Jessalope :hi: I was referred here by the Goat. Im new at this, GF is my very first form so bare with me. I look forward to hangin out with you. so I might as well get this out of the way... yes I'M A n00b



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you should have used this guy :spin: the girls here love him!

Beware of Hime.... she'll try to get in your pants even more than I will ;)

hahaha glad to see you finally joined up. Hope you enjoy your stay!


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LOL! Vegito is the one who needs to watch his back! :D

Welcome! Hope you have fun here. If you need anything just ask!


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so your goat's gf, wow, i feel bad for you. lol jk jk goat

but anyways, hope you stick around, im sure you will like it here.