Hi I'm Charaf

Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, My name is Charaf, and I hope I can find what I want and need here.
If anybody know somewhere where I can find some hot and Nice threads, he can tell me about it, I'll be very greetful. ^^

See you all soon ;)


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Hello there and welcome. I looked at your flag and I think of tajine and couscous...yummy. What are your interests?
thanks a lot friends ^^ that's nice, if anybody wants to taste that yummy Courcous ans Tajine, my home's doors are open :p Couscous is made every friday..
and miss Rebecca don't worry hot doesn't mean HOT, but just theads with Interesting subjects hehe..
Well, I'm into Software engineering, I study it at College, and I love everything about art, music Creativity and ... some Psychology and self-improvement :p

See y'all soon ;)


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That's the first time I've seen that flag, Morocco, interesting. Not interesting as General Forum. :)