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Hi guys new here


New Member
Hi guys new here just wanted a place to interact with people hope am in the right place :D


Lion Rampant
Yes, you're in the right place for peoply interactingness. I hope that won't be your only post!

Your user name reminds me of an ancient infidelity joke from a vintage issue of Mad magazine. I won't bore you with the whole thing, but the punchline goes, "Ice man? What ice man? We have a self-defrosting Kelvinator!"


Babeasaurus Sex

welcome to GF, post about abit (don't be shy we're all whores here)




I'm serious
Oh dear, I think between Tucker and Kibi we managed to scare the kelvinator away.

Come back!!

Tell us more about yourself. Don't be afraid, what Kibi meant with whores is that we are all friendly and Tucker's sense of humour bottom has been stuck on *full blast - not to be used on noobs* since that last incident with a bottle of IPA.


Creeping On You
Hey man, i'm smelnick, youre lokal alcoholic. Welcome here man. Feel free to post about and interact. I typed this whole post with my eyes closed. Dang, not drujnk enogh.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Welcome, Kelvinator!!!

Enjoy General Forum, always some great topics going here.


"Expect the unexpected"
Welcome to GF! I hope you stick around.....lots of people to meet and interesting topics to discuss.