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Hi guys (and girls)


Registered Member
Hey everyone.

Not exactly sure what to say, so I guess I'll just cover the basics here. I'm Austin, I'm 17 and I live in Tennessee. I enjoy playing the bass, sports and fishing. I'm also a HUGE video game nerd.

So yeah, Hi.


yellow 4!
Hi there. You guys aren't going to cause too much trouble, right? :hah:

Welcome to GF, flipsydog!


Registered Member
Gamers unite!

And naw, I promise I'll be good. :D


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Welcome, flipsy! I'm a gamer myself; and I used to dabble in bass guitar back in the day. Great instrument.

Babe_Ruth will be glad to see a sports fan here, he's always looking for our sports section to have more participation. What kinds do you like?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
It's great to have new sports fans joining the forums. I'm a huge sports nut and I love discussing them all the time. What type of sports do you enjoy and who are some of your favorite teams?

Welcome to GF, glad that Parasite decided to invite you here. I'm sure both of will be enjoy posting here.


Registered Member
Nice, Unity. I've always preferred bass to lead guitar. I dunno why though.

And my favorite sport is football, which I've followed for years since my dad watches it faithfully. I've always had a slight interest in baseball that picked up during the summer of last year, as I spent a lot of that summer with my grandparents who watch it. Then a few weeks ago I started gaining interest in basketball, and I picked up NBA 2k11.

As for my favorite teams...
Football - Chargers
Baseball - Braves
Basketball - Raptors


Registered Member
Hi and welcome! :D I'm a total video game nerd too, especially Wii and the Zelda series! And some online gaming too. I dont fish but I do hunt and love climbing and rappelling!