Hi from the north!

Hi everone!:tank::tank::tank:
My name is josh, coming to you from lotus land canada. :headbanger:
You can call me swift-strike! :fiery:
I found this forum by querying on google.:raspberry:
Looks cool and I will be here for some time. :eyebrow:
Some things I like, xbox, gaming, girls, and cars.
I am 22 single and work at walmart in the deli.:banghead:
What are fun to do here.?.. :hoorah:
Is swearing allowed here?:censored:


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Wow I was getting tired. Reading this post was like a jolt of caffeine.

Seriously welcome but hopefully you don't have a smilie addiction in every post....

And btw, um, how did you choose your name?

And yeah swearing is fine. Just not at people (flaming).


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Your post got flagged because you posted a link. If you post links as a new member your posts will have to be manually approved by a mod or admin that's all.

I've approved it now. So what Star Wars books have you read?
Also, why not make your name "swift-speeder" or something then? We have a member named Swiftstrike and this could be confusing...
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Hi there! Welcome to GF!

I agree with Hybrix, your username will confuse others at one point because we already have a member named swiftstrike. Although your posting style is way different from his... :lol: