hi, FreeGirl here

Hello free people, gamers, and geeks....
(sorry if this is a duplicate post..I left some stuff out)

I'm a gamer chick and have been a producer on a few games as well. Games are very personal to people, so I'm joining up on forums that I don't usually visit to start spreading some vital information.

I've made a video that illustrates why gamers need to be paying attention.

Ron Paul 2008 FTW!
save yOUR game!!!!!

FreeGirl / Gamers4Paul
ok, so I've been schooled in forum protocol in the age of SPAM.

<feels stupid>

more about me: I am a girl gamer and a game developer.

I like FPS and puzzle games, and especially (don't laugh too hard) Bejeweled and Q3A!!!!

all about me 4 now.
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