Hi everyone


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The weekend isn't over yet. ;)

Welcome! How did you find the place and what types of things are you into?


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My Easter Vacation starts tommorow so I'm living in a constant weekend for a while.
Welcome Kimberly, nice to meet you. Do you like to be called Kim?


Sultan of Swat
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Welcome to the forums, I'm very glad that you've decided to join General Forum. So browse around see what you like, and don't be afraid to leave your opinions. Enjoy yourself and i'll see you around.


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Thanks for the warm welcome :) its almost 10pm so bed soon for me :p

I found it on google ;)

Altanzitarron I hate being called Kim lol but will respond to any other name Kimmie, Kimbles, hey you, oi lmao

I'm into chatting and forums, Im a SAHM (stay at home mum and am 12 weeks preggo :D

Have I covered everything? LOL