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Hi every1


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Hi every1

My name is John R.
I am 30 years old and have been in a uk hospital for over the last year.

Various hospitals infact. I first heard about this site from a friend on another mental health site. I have as yet posted one post on Nihilism under the philosophy section of the site, and it has recieved no replies.

Also I am a married man. Have a nice day.


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Hey, John :) Welcome to GF! I'm really sorry to hear about your stay in the hospital, and I think that you'll find GF to be a great place to meet a whole slew of really fantastic folks who are kind, supportive, and welcoming. Don't let the fact that no one replied to your thread/comment be a deterrent to posting more--I myself have posted more than a handful of threads and comments that got little to no response. Do some poking around, maybe join in some threads that are seeing a lot of activity, and soon, I think you'll feel very at home here.

Maybe tell us a little more about yourself--do you like music, movies, or art? If so, what sorts?

In the meantime, I'll be sending you good vibes and positive energy...
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I hate the hospital, it feels so depressing every time I visit one. I hope you're doing ok, and welcome to the site! :boat:


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Hey, welcome to the forum. I haven't seen your thread in the Philosophy section yet, but keep checking for replies. We're a moderate-sized group and it may be that our nihilists are napping. Meanwhile, enjoy the site! I think you'll find that there are discussions to suit every interest here.


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Tere John and welcome to GF! I hope you enjoy your stay with us.


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Hi and welcome! :D Sorry about the hospital thing and I hope your okay. It's what QB said about the new thread thing, I couldn't have said it better (actually I couldn't have said it that good :lol:). I would reply but I dont know what nihilist means. But there are some really intelligent members that will. Not to say I'm not intelligent, hey, nobody knows everything.


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Welcome john in the GF.I hope you are well and get out from the hospital very soon.Enjoy your time in the forum.


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Hi every1. Thanks for the warm replies. I am interested in sociology as this was the degree I was studying at the tail end of 2009 before I got put back in hospital. Also I was hoping to be let out of hospital on may 1st but then last week my dr changing the goal posts and said that I will now have to wait until the first of july. I plan to appeal against this decision with a tribunal which I am entitled to, but I won't be inviting my dad, who told the panel at the end of my last tribunal (in dec last year), that he thought that I shouldn't be taken of section. And so I quite understandably wont be inviting him to this one. Take care every1 xx.


Hi John,
What's the reason you've stayed in the hospital for so long?
Hope you're in good health now.

and Welcome.
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