hi,christmas coming,make a wish here...


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write down u wish here...
just one ..
hope it come true in next year..
me first ,
i hope every good people can have a good future..:)


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I wish Bliss would keep her wish a secret so it comes true. :D

Now there are two scenarios to my wish.

1. Bliss says her wish, and therefore my wish (of her keeping her's a secret) does not come true, proving that by saying my wish it did not come true.

2. Bliss keeps it to herself, proving that I can say my wish and still have it come true.

Either way I think I win. :lol:


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I wish everyone on the planet would just take a step back for a minute and say:

"Whoa, you know what? I think I can admit we've all made some mistakes in the past. I'm sorry for anything I might have done to harm anyone; can we all just shake hands and get along?"
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