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Hi boys and babes...let's talk about make-up


Registered Member
So let's talk about makeup....what you think of it, what you use, the look you like the best and tips for everyone :)


I'm serious
How about we rather talk about you, seeing as this is an introduction thread. Tell us more about your interests (obviously makeup) and hobbies? What brings you to GF?

Also, welcome to the forum. :hi:


Registered Member
Hi babe, I am 21 currently studying law in Manchester...boring as hell!

I wanted to chit chat with people from anywhere and everywhere about random things. Being a girl I obvs love makeup and the like so thought i'd start by posting something about that. Seeing as I am a newbie I have NOOOOO idea how this all works. I love to read, mainly your girly books.

And yourself gorge?


Haters gonna hate.
If you are studying law in Manchester and you find it boring than it isn't for you.

Regardless, welcome to GF.


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Hello and welcome to GF! :D I like makeup too but only for my eyes. Well, maybe my toes too. We have tons of awesome topics here so you should def check out some of the sections and threads. Do you like music?


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Welcome to GF love, your user name makes me giggle, yay! I think studying law is interesting, could never know when it would come in handy one day, but as for makeup, think that's passing my gay meter just a tad bit. But once again, welcome!



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Do you know how I got these scars? I fell on a shovel.

But that is irrelevant. The point to be made is that I wear shit tons of make up to cover them up!

Welcome to the forum!


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Can anyone tell me how on earth I navigate on these forums??
If we start a thread and then everyone chats on it.

I study law..which may be boring, but it has it's advantages like one of you just said.


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Hi GandS....welcome. This is the wierdest intro thread I've ever seen. It looks like it belongs in the random thoughts forum.

To navigate you can use the major tabs on the upper right, or the folder mapping on the upper left. There's help areas you can read as well.