HI and help from a MOD

I am ATARIGUY and I forgot my password and I tried the forgot password thing at least 7 times and I never received my new password.

If a MOD will PM me I will send them my email addy for my ATARIGUY account to prove that it is me and I hope they fix the password thing or PM me a new password.


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I believe only Hybrix can do that for you. I'll point him to this thread. Somehow, before I even read your thread, when I saw ATARIDUDE it reminded me immediately of ATARIGUY. :)


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Hey, just to be safe go ahead and send an email through the Contact Us form (link at the bottom of the site) from the email on your first account and I'll reset your password for you.
OK I used the Contact Us form.

After I get my new password I will let you know then you can delete my ATARIDUDE account and this thread if you care to.